Monday, May 26, 2008

As Johnny Guitar Watson said:

Somethin' Wrong. Something is indeed amiss when you (lawd forgive me) Google your band name and come up with a few random links, one of which led me back here, to a blog I'd forgotten about entirely! And I created it! MEDIC!! Nothing much to add, exccept thanks to the Grande Man of Acquitane, may he forever prosper. Back in LA, none the worse for wear, having played more cities than Columbus landed at (including Columbus). Time to make new music, as we are tired of playing the same songs every night. What more motivation does one need!?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

On the Road Again

Is it possible, feasible, within reason, daft, ill-advised or just downright silly to reignite a long-dormant pop music career at the same time one is getting peppered with AARP-spam, Viagra come-ons and depressing retirement advice? Just when it appeared to be safe to Goodwill the shiny shirts and the psychedelic shades, Rykodisc goes and offers a record deal to the Brothers Was and their band of perennially immature compadres (not that we're any more sage or sanguine than them).